Menstrual Hygiene Day - May 28th 2022

Let's talk about periods!

We believe it is unacceptable that women and girls face enormous barriers to
getting an education because of a natural bodily function.

This Menstrual Hygiene Day, we want to help 100 girls in Lesotho stay in school and manage their periods with dignity.

Will you help us reach our goal?

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Help Lesotho

Sanitary Kit

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For girls in developing countries, menstruation often means missing a week of school every month. When your family struggles to put food on the table, the purchase of disposable sanitary products is impossible.

Girls use old clothing, dirty rags, or even leaves to manage their periods, however these methods are both dangerous to their health and difficult to conceal, often leading to shame and girls being targeted with violence.

In celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Help Lesotho has a goal to provide 100 girls in Lesotho with sanitary kits so they can stay in school while menstruating. Each kit gives a girl 150 days back —equivalent to 3 years—where she has the supplies to focus on her education rather than worrying about menstruation.


  • 2 shields with a moisture proof barrier and ‘wings’ that wrap around a pair of underwear.
  • 8 reusable liners. Each square liner can be folded in three to act as the ‘pad’.
  • Zip-lock bags, a washcloth, soap, and a beautiful carrying bag.


Young women attending a sewing school have been hired to produce kits for Help Lesotho to purchase. This is the first income-generating project for the school, allowing the girls to make a small salary to support their families. Each kit requires several hours of detail work, but the sewers love the chance to help keep other girls in school through this project!


‘Overjoyed’ and ‘period pads’ are not two things that usually go together… unless you are Pulane!

Pulane is one of the first girls in Lesotho using the menstrual kits distributed by Help Lesotho. For the last 8 months, she has been using her kit so she can go to school, even on the heaviest days of her period. When she first received the kit, she was excited and a little nervous. She did not want her neighbours seeing dirty pads hanging on her clothesline! Pulane soon learned the ‘tricks of the trade’ and is able to use the pads totally discreetly – she is thrilled!

Want to donate a sanitary kit in honor of someone's birthday, anniversary, or special celebration? Check out our FREE PDF cards for Sanitary Kits here. Simply select the card you wish to send by clicking it and saving the PDF version. Then you can either email the card, or print it out!