Harry Styles wearing pearls

2022: The Summer of the Pearl

Look around and you’ll probably notice, pearls are everywhere right now! With 2022 dubbed the ‘summer of the pearl’, there’s been a recent resurgence of the already timeless gem.

Layering and mixing metals:

Layer pearls with other metals for an edgy flair.

Layer your favourite pearl necklaces and bracelets with other jewelry for a chunky chic look. This adds a casual flair to gem and enables you to easily dress your outfits up or down. We love the way the model below has layered her pearl pieces with gold.

Pearls (especially white) pair great with any metal or other gem stone. A pearl necklace doesn’t mean you need to stick to pearl earrings and bracelets. Try introducing other colourful gemstones with your pearls for a pop of colour and flair.

 Photo credit: dynamiteclothing.com


Men and Pearls:

Pearls are changing the fashion game for men with more and more turning to pearls as their go-to accessory. From A$AP Rocky to Elton John, these fashion-forward celebs show us that pearls are for everyone.

Photo credit: vogue.com
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