Pearls4Girls is a social enterprise of Help Lesotho, an international development organization working in Lesotho, southern Africa. Pearls4Girls does not make a profit; a minimum of 50% of all proceeds go directly to the Pearl Program.


What is the Pearl Program?

For girls all over the world, high school is a daunting experience. For girls in their final year of primary school in Lesotho, high school can also be a dangerous time leading to teenage pregnancy, HIV transmission, abuse, and trauma. The Pearl Program, funded by Pearls4Girls, helps to prepare girls to enter high school in Lesotho with the knowledge and self-esteem to resist peer pressure and make healthy decisions.

100 girls, known as ‘Pearl Girls’ participate in training weekends that span their school year. Each weekend focuses on a specific theme, such as psychosocial support, healthy relationships, sexuality, and leadership. In the second half of the program, older girls from other Help Lesotho programs join the Pearl Program as mentors.

Every "Pearl Girl" is empowered to address significant challenges before they hit the difficulties of high school.

Why girls in Lesotho?

Well, with the world’s 2nd highest incidence rate of HIV/AIDS, devastating poverty and widespread gender inequity, girls in Lesotho are fighting an uphill battle – and we want to help them reach their potential.  

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Since 2006, Pearls4Girls has raised close to a million dollars for girls in Lesotho. Hundreds of girls have participated in the Pearl Program and have gone on to lead healthy lives and impact their communities and country for the better. They’ve learned that they matter, and that that with their strength, determination, and intellect they can make a difference in their country.

Every bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings sold truly helps make a difference. 


Stories from real 'Pearl Girls' and how their lives have changed