Get Involved

Want to be part of the magic? We don’t blame you.

Host a Pearl Bee

Make like a queen bee and gather some worker bees to make Signature Bracelets with our beautiful freshwater pearls.  The bracelets are easy to make and do not require any fancy jewellery-making skills. We suggest that girls and boys age 9 and over have the dexterity needed for ‘pearling’!

Option 1: Invite a Pearls4Girls rep to come run your Pearl Bee. This option is pretty contingent on your location – we are generally available for events in Ottawa, can occasionally schedule events in Toronto, and can rarely do events elsewhere in Canada. When you book a Pearl Bee with a P4G rep, they come will all the supplies as well as extra activities for the group depending on age, time available, and the interest of the group. Participants are welcome to purchase any of the bracelets that are made, or leave them with the P4G rep. The minimum group size for this option is 10 participants.


Option 2: Run your own Pearl Bee. You’ll put a deposit on the bracelet supplies you need (don’t worry – you’ll get reimbursed!), then work together to turn those pearls into a fabulous accessory. If you’re feeling motivated, your team can create opportunities to sell the bracelets you make. Or, just return the finished bracelets to us and we’ll do the rest. Either way, the funds raised through the sale of the bracelets will help support leadership initiatives for girls in Lesotho. Group size for this option can range from individuals to large groups of 30+ people.

Pearl Bees are perfect for student groups, service organizations, religious centres, and workplaces. 

Interested in hosting a pearl bee? Email

Host a Pearl Party

Parties are fun, but parties with pearls are better! A team of P4G volunteers will set up a selection of our pieces in your home or workplace, and party-goers can browse for pearls while sipping drinks and socializing (or whatever else people at parties do). There’s no pressure to buy, but if anyone wants to snag some pearls they’ll be able to take their purchase with them right away, or wear it out the door! We accept credit card and cash right on the spot – but don’t worry, we’ll handle all of that.

You provide the party, we’ll provide the pearls (and the volunteer to sell them!). Win-win!

Opportunities to host pearl parties are limited by location (we typically do parties in Ottawa, Toronto, and anywhere in between). The minimum number of guests for a Pearl Party is 12.

Interested in hosting a pearl party? Email