Impactful fashion this season: why it matters

Impactful fashion this season: why it matters

Pearls are considered a symbol of elegance and beauty, adorning many women across the centuries. In modern times, pearls remain a classic staple for any occasion. Did you know, a purchase of pearl jewelry has the ability to impact more than just your wardrobe this holiday season? It can also help transform the life of a girl in Lesotho, southern Africa! 

Lesotho is a small kingdom located in South Africa. It is known in recent years for its cultural references in Marvel’s Black Panther due to director Ryan Coogler’s fascination with Lesotho that provided the base for the fictional land of Wakanda. However, others know Lesotho as ground zero for the world’s 2nd highest incidence rate for HIV/AIDs, with an adult infection rate around 25%. This devastating epidemic has resulted in poverty and widespread gender inequality disproportionately affecting a generation of girls. 

Pearls4Girls purchases generate funds for the Pearl Program in Lesotho. Every year, 100 vulnerable girls in grade 7 attend monthly training weekends where they receive psychosocial support and learn about healthy relationships, decision making, goal setting, sexual and reproductive health, and leadership. Through the program girls understand their worth, strengths, and abilities to make a difference in their communities. The Pearl Program is delivered by local staff and mentors who completed the Pearl Program in previous years. A minimum of 50% of each Pearls4Girls purchase directly supports the Pearl Program – talk about an impactful purchase!!

This holiday season, Pearls4Girls has launched its 4 Weeks of Shopping 4 Girls campaign to raise awareness and funds for the girls of Lesotho. P4G does not only sell stunning pearl jewelry for you or a loved one but makes a real-life impact beyond your purchase. Whether supporting a local initiative or a girl in Lesotho, every small gift can make a big impact. As you shop this season, ask yourself—what statement do I want to make this year?

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