Meet 'Pearl Girl' Relebohile

Meet 'Pearl Girl' Relebohile

Relebohile is a smart, vivacious 12-year-old young girl and a participant of the Hlotse Centre Pearl Program. When she was just five, her mother passed away, leaving her in the care of an aunt.

In February, Relebohile joined the Pearl Program after some trepidation—fearing she wouldn’t make any friends and lack the confidence to actively participate in sessions. To her relief, since joining, she has made lots of friends AND gained so much confidence. Her favourite module so far has been about self-esteem. She now volunteers herself during discussions and raises her hand with sureness, no longer hiding behind the shadows of her peers.

The Pearl Program has also taught her time-management skills so she can make time for both her studies and to play. She says she loves coming to sessions because she learns something new every time and feels instantly at home in Help Lesotho’s Hlotse Centre. Relebohile wishes her mother could be there so see the strong, confident young woman she has become, and knows she would be so proud.

“I learned not to hide behind other people’s shadows and now I raise my hand with confidence during discussions.”

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