Meet 'Pearl Girl' Mosa

Meet 'Pearl Girl' Mosa

Mosa is a 13-year-old girl and a participant of the Hlotse Centre Pearl Program. For many year, she has been in the care of her grandmother after both of her parents relocated to South Africa for work and have since stopped communicating with her.

Though her relationship with her grandmother is good, Mosa longs for her mother and wishes she would return home to be with her. It makes her upset to know her elderly grandmother still has to work to be able to support her and provide them with food. Often her grandmother isn’t able to find work for days and they both have to go to bed hungry.

Mosa is so grateful for the opportunity to become a Pearl Girl. They training sessions have been so valuable to her, and has given her the motivation to pursue her big dream of becoming a nurse! She says she now feels more confident about her future, and wants to work hard to make her grandmother proud.

“My dream is to become a nurse. My grandmother is on the top of my list for people I want to help. I want to show her how much I appreciate that she has dedicated her life to raising me.”

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