Mother's Day with Pearls4Girls

Mother's Day with Pearls4Girls

Pearls4Girls recognizes that Mother's Day looks different for everyone. We want to acknowledge ALL moms – grandmothers, aunts, mothers-to-be, those who have experienced the loss of a mother figure, pet moms, those who have helped to raise their siblings – each plays an important role and should be celebrated for their contributions of love and support. 

This Mother's Day, we want to help you show your love to whoever is on your list with our pearl jewelry that not only looks good, but does good as well. 

Our Courage Necklace symbolizes the determination and resilience of a mother's love.
Our Strength Necklace is the perfect gift for a strong woman in your life.
For the woman who inspires you, shop our matching Inspire Necklace. This beautiful piece effortlessly pairs pearls, shells and sterling silver elements.
Additionally, our popular Signature Bracelets come in a variety of colours and patterns. Purchase as a pair, one for yourself and one for the mother figure in your life. 
Make a gift in honour of Mom

Make a gift in honour of a special woman who has been an inspiration in your life by making a donation for a Young Mother Small Business Starter Kit. This special gift includes the tools to empower young mothers in Lesotho to launch their own small businesses in order to earn an income and provide for their families.
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