'Pearlcore' isn't Going Anywhere!

'Pearlcore' isn't Going Anywhere!

The 'year of the pearl' is still going strong. Pearls are everywhere, donning the necks of women and men alike. With the gem only gaining in popularity, it's a given we are going to be seeing even more of the 'pearl-core' trend throughout the fall!

Trends to look out for this season:

1. Pearl Rings

Rings are a fun way to play with your pearls. They can be dressed up with other rings, or worn alone for a simply, classy look. To get this look, shop our Courage Rings in three beautiful colours.

2. A Classic string of Pearls

A classic look that never goes out of style. Perhaps most notable for popularizing the pearl was Coco Chanel who in the 1930s helped to market the gem as versatile, everyday jewels. She famously said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” 

To achieve this look, shop our Leadership or Strength Necklaces


 3. Chunky Pearl Studs

Large pearl studs seem to be everywhere on the runway! From Paris Fashion Week to New York Fashion week, designers from everywhere are leaning in to the pearl trend.

Although more subtle than found on the runway, you can shop our Large Pearl Studs to achieve a similar look. 



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