Signature bracelets: the story behind the best-selling item

Signature bracelets: the story behind the best-selling item

The Signature Bracelet is a staple for Pearl4Girls that has a special story connecting a community of Canadians to girls in Lesotho, Africa. Pearls4Girls’ Signature Bracelets are handcrafted by Ottawa elementary schools, volunteers, and women’s shelters to support vulnerable girls entering high school. A minimum of 50% of the proceeds from each purchase go to the Pearl Program that supports girls in need, empowering them through education, community, and mentorship.

The signature bracelet comes in four different colours; white, pink, grey, and black. Each colour has its own unique meaning for the girls they represent!

  • White symbolizes EMPOWERMENT of girls
  • Pink expresses the journey GROWTH of young women of Lesotho
  • Grey indicates the power of UNITY of girls together
  • And lastly, black represents the WISDOM and insight girls bring to their communities

If you are looking to make a difference this season, make a bracelet with the Signature Bracelet Kit for only $25 for a girl or woman in your life! Choose any of the four colours—white, pink, grey, and black for a special gift. Not only do these make great gifts, but are perfect crafts for kids too! Not into crafts? No problem! You can also directly purchase the Signature Bracelets here. Make a purchase that gives back this holiday!

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