Can You Wear White After Labour Day?

Can You Wear White After Labour Day?

White hasn’t always been such a readily available, popular colour.

Before the days of bleach and dry cleaning, trudging through hot, muddy streets meant keeping whites pristine was nearly impossible – unless you belonged to the upper class. For those sipping mint juleps in the Hamptons aboard their yachts, white was the perfect wardrobe choice. Some suggest that wearing summer whites was a way to distinguish oneself from the so-called lower classes. La-tee-da!

Others suggest that wearing white in the summer was just a practical choice. Wearing head-to-toe black in the blazing sun is a quick way to get heat stroke, after all. White is a much cooler choice.

Whether it was an indicator of wealth, or just a way to beat the heat, wearing white in the summer (and not after!) became a fashion rule.  

Good thing rules were meant to be broken…

We say be bold: dare to wear white after Labour Day. Shop the White Collection.




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