Gifts That Give Hope: Cards

Thank you for purchasing a Gift That Gives Hope! If your gift is in lieu of someone's birthday, as a 'thank you' or simply 'just because', please feel free to use one of our printable/email-friendly cards below! There are three card options for each Gift That Gives HopeIf you would like to add a custom message to one of our card options, please send an email to
To save the card to your computer, simply click the image of the card you'd like then click the download arrow in the top righthand corner. From here you can save it to a spot on your computer and easily email it!
To print a card, click on the card you'd like, then click the print icon in the top righthand corner!




Baby Box




Confidence Kit


Food Parcel



Garden Seeds




Gum Boots



Hope Bundle



Sanitary Kit




Young Mother Small Business Starter Kit