Why Pearls?

pearls4girls freshwater pearl jewellry

For one thing: pearls look good on everyone, and they have for centuries. Smart, determined, fabulous women like Cleopatra, Jackie O, Rihanna, and Kate Middleton have all rocked pearls in their own unique way. There’s really no right way to wear pearl jewellery anymore – other than frequently – so pearls can fit any style and mood. Want to feel like royalty? Grab a classic single strand necklace. Feeling funky? Toss on some chunky baroque pearls in jewel tones. Pearls are for all women.

For another thing: pearls are symbolic. Pearls form when a threatening foreign object (like a parasite or organic material like a grain of sand) is introduced into the shell of a mollusc. To get rid of the irritant, the mollusc produces a lustrous substance that coats the invasive material in beautiful, shiny layers so it doesn’t cause further damage. Essentially, these molluscs turn a misfortune into a thing of beauty.

 That’s exactly what we aim to do: produce beautiful jewellery that will help lift up girls in Lesotho from the misfortune they face.  

And if we wanted to get technical, the Latin word for pearl means "unique”; just like each pearl on this planet is unique, each girl in the world has a unique ability to make a difference.

In keeping with that theme, the colours of the pearls used in our Signature Bracelets each have a unique meaning:

-      Black: Symbol of Dignity

-      White: Symbol of Purity

-      Rose, Pink: Symbol of Love