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Don't take our word for it - read the stories of girls in Lesotho who have participated in Help Lesotho's programs. 


Before joining the Computer and Life Skills program at Help Lesotho, Makatleho had never used a computer before. In fact, on the first day of class she didn’t even know how to turn the computer on. Once she was shown how to turn on and start the computer, she thought it was like a touch screen phone and tried to touch the monitor to open a program! Now, Makatleho can type, and use Microsoft Excel and Word. Excel in particular was so important to her because she is a small business owner and currently keeping all records in a notebook. Makatleho owns both a bar and a hostel, and said it was challenging to track her stock by hand. Now that she knows how to make calculations and enter data in Excel, she predicts her business will grow, and her work will become easier.

Learning about communication was one of the most important Life Skills for Makatleho. She says, “Communication is everything. In everything we do, we have to communicate.” Prior to learning about communication in the Life Skills sessions, Makatleho struggled to communicate with her family but now feels equipped to do exactly that.

Maseleka graduated from college in 2014, and soon after she was invited by a friend to check out Help Lesotho’s GIRL4ce Movement. She was intrigued and committed more and more of her free time to community advocacy. When Help Lesotho started recruitment for the GIRL4ce Core, Maseleka was invited to apply because of her proven outreach skills. Maseleka is a strong leader and was quickly selected as a GIRL4ce Core member.

Part of Maseleke’s role in the Core is giving a passionate speeches to groups large and small. As the group works to end early, child and forced marriages and gender-based violence, her speech is strong and full of emotion. She speaks about important information on laws, how to protect yourself, and where to go when faced with violence.

The following is an excerpt from her speech: “As youth we stand against gender-based violence and early, child and forced marriages. They are escalating in a high number in our country. We are the victims of these issues and we have to see what we can do to eradicate them. We have the capacity to do that. There are laws in Lesotho that can protect us.”



Mamakhooa (mother) & Boitumelo (aged 13)

Mamakhooa, how do you feel about your daughter being in the program?

Very, very happy because Help Lesotho gives our children futures. The people who have been to the programs have prospered in their plans.

Boitumelo, are you excited to start the program?

Yes – I am happy because I am going to learn a lot about life and planning my future. I want to be a nurse so I'm going to get a lot of information on how to achieve that.


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